"Logo Hatzalah Bet Shemesh"Hatzalah Beit Shemesh was founded in 2004 by a number of industrious volunteers with a strong medical background and a clear vision. They recognized the dire need to establish an organized group of life-saving first-responders who could arrive on the scene of an emergency in the quickest way possible.

Four years later, the vision has been realized.

Today, Hatzalah Beit Shemesh is comprised of over 70 volunteers- both religious and non-religious.
Hatzala services not only Beit and Ramat Beit Shemesh but the surrounding moshavim as well. The large number of volunteers and their dispersion throughout the area enables Hatzala to reach the scene of an emergency within minutes.
When emergencies arise, every minute counts, which means that our fast response time saves lives. A 24-hour call center, staffed by professional personnel, receives and processes calls, monitoring situations from the moment the call comes through until help has reached the scene.
Every Hatzala volunteer owns and carries a life-saving kit which contains all the necessary equipment for properly treating adults and children in emergency situations. More advanced kits carried by some volunteers contain defibrillators, blood glucose monitors and the highly effective BurnShield, for treating burns of all degrees.
Hatzalah Bet Shemesh doesn’t not charge for emergency house-calls or emergency transports to a Hospital.
The organization relies solely on the generosity of private donors, both locally and from abroad. The cost to transport a sick person to a hospital stands at 300 shekels- this includes gas, equipment and other related expenses.
Hatzala Beit Shemesh works within the framework of the urgent-care center, Terem, by sending its volunteers to staff the facility, thereby reducing patient wait-time. As a result, Hatzala volunteers benefit by increasing their medical knowledge through experience. Hatzala also works closely with the Israel Police to help locate lost and missing persons. Hatzala volunteers also serve as a medical presence at communal events held throughout the city.
In addition to its stated mission of saving lives, Hatzala also runs a medical equipment Gamach for all residents. Started by Hatzala volunteer Bentzi Novak, the Gamach contains: crutches and wheelchairs for children and adults, inhalation machines, oxygen balloons, various orthopedic equipment, machines to measure blood pressure and special chairs for the bathroom and bathtub. To borrow equipment from the Gamach, simply call the Hatzala office at 991-2345.
In case of emergency, call  02-999-9992 . Hatzala operates 24/7

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