Hatzalah Bet Shemesh goes to the Front Line right outside Gaza…

Some of the volunteers of Hatzalah Bet Shemesh were privileged to go along with David Landau from “Standing Together” yesterday and before the Cease Fire, to help bring our soldiers food and “goodies”…

“Appreciation” is not the word… They were SOOOO… Happy…! Jumping and dancing…!

Snacks, drinks, cold ices… And guess what were the most popular items.?

After almost a week in the field sleeping in their tanks or tents without showers…?

Yep, you guessed it… Deodorants, socks, shampoos, tooth paste, soap.. We had brought and gave away hundreds of them…!

David.. Thank you for letting us come and help you…! Keep up the good work…!

You can check out David’s Website and what he does @ http://www.stogether.org

I hope we won’t need to go visit our soldiers in the field any time soon but it was a amazing experience… Am Israel Chai BeAchduss! What a kiddush H’.

Enjoy the photos!



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